Olson Werenka

LFG Labs founder / MMA Fighter / Personal Trainer

Olson has been a personal trainer, boxing coach and instructor for over 4 years. He has made a name for himself in this industry through his love for what he does and expertise in boxing, MMA and functional strength training. Active MMA fighter (3-0-0), he lives and breathes MMA.

Olson grew up playing hockey his entire life (his father being a former NHL hockey player) and found his niche with the rougher side of the sport. He eventually moved on from hockey and began fighting competitively. Boxing and MMA has given Olson a great sense of belonging and discipline over his years of experience. Now with multiple fights under his belt - he has learned the ins and outs of nutrition, self defence, elite style training and discipline.

His areas of expertise: MMA (Boxing / Muay Thai / Jiu-Jitsu), Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition.

Marina Ruggiero

Business Manager / Muay Thai Enthusiast

Passionate about all things fitness, Marina has a strong love for strength training and Muay Thai. She manages LFG Labs alongside Olson, ensuring the smooth running of the training center and the well-being of everyone, customers and trainers alike.

As the owner of her own online marketing and SEO company, she knows what it takes to run a successful business. Working on the marketing and branding side of LFG Labs is her favorite part.

Having also worked for many years in customer service, she enjoys the interaction with people. She ensures that every need is met at LFG Labs and that every customer enjoys a unique and personalized experience.

Trained by Olson, she aimed to take her first Muay Thai fight in 2024.

Nico Kambasis

Pro MMA Fighter / Personal Trainer

Active professional MMA fighter and former martial arts gym manager - Nico comes from a very extensive martial arts background with many prestigious awards and accomplishments. He brings high energy and elite-level style training to his clients.

With his positive and vibrant energy, Nico has been training children for years. From very young kids aged 4 or 5 to older age groups, his patience and teaching skills make Nico a much-loved coach for children practicing martial arts such as muay thai and jiu-jitsu.

His areas of expertise: MMA (Boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu), Self-Defence

Nick Ring

UFC Veteran / Personal trainer

Professional boxer and UFC middleweight veteran from Calgary with a 14-4 Pro MMA record, Nick brings the highest level of MMA/boxing experience and 25+ years of coaching and instructing knowledge.

Barry Macdonald

Professional boxing, kickboxing and muay thai fighter

BJJ black belt, judo black belt, wrestling coach, strength coach, fight commentator & host, Barry's expertise in the martial arts industry is unmatched.

He has trained multiple World, International, National, Provincial and Regional Champions in Muay Thai and Kickboxing, and coached and cornered over 1,000 fights.

Saeed Abi-Issa

Coach / MMA / Muay Thai / BJJ / Wreslting / Hapkido

Saeed is a MMA fighter that lives and breathes the sport. He has a current record of 2-0 and hopes to improve that in a quick manner before turning pro. He has been a large part of Olsons MMA career and played part in several fights camps - cornering fighters, assisting with weight cuts etc. Saeed brings a lifetime of experience with holding pads, technical boxing, wrestling and BJJ.

BJJ Brown Belt

Wrestling (High School) National Champion

Vince Sobrino

Personal Trainer / Business Consultant

With 6+ years of experience in gym management, sales and personal training, Vince is a valuable asset to our team & operations.

Former boxer (3+ fights)

Personal trainer (6+ years experience)

Former gym owner (5+ years)

Cyril Ignacio

Personal Trainer

Cyril is a certified personal trainer that lives and breathes fitness and all things gym related. With his own physique being quite impressive - he is dedicated to helping others achieve exactly that, plus more.

His areas of expertise: Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition

Melissa Monkhouse

Massage therapist / Personal trainer

Mel is a semi-professional volleyball player, certified personal trainer and registered massage therapist. She lives and breathes all things fitness and wellness.

Patrick Armstrong

Boxing / Muay Thai / strength and conditioning

Pat is a Muay Thai Fighter with 60+ fights. IFK World Champion and Provincial Champion, he's been a coach for 10 years and will share his knowledge through Muay Thai, Boxing and S&C personal training and classes.

AJ Markat

BJJ Coach / MMA fighter

AJ is a BJJ Brown Belt with 100+ BJJ matches and 15+ years of experience. He'll be teaching BJJ classes as well as sharing his knowledge as a MMA fighter.